Sunday, September 14, 2014

Colt 45 Malt Liquor

The famous Colt 45 is now a brand owned by Pabst who has their beers contract brewed.  It was originally brewed by National (think National Bohemian beer) of Baltimore and named after a Baltimore Colt running back who wore the number 45. It had a "famous" set of commercials from Billy Dee Williams with the catchphrase "It works every time." I doubt you would be allowed to say that about an alcoholic beverage in an ad today.

The beer pours a pale yellow golden in color. There is an inch of pure white foamy head. The aroma is apples, green apples, a bit of malt o’ meal and wet cardboard. Much more fruity and tart than I would have expected. The taste follows the aromas, mild, a touch sweet, a bit fruity, less off notes in the taste than in the aroma. It has a stinging carbonation that is refreshing. Not much going on here, this always tastes best out of the glass bottles. 

Goose Island Rambler IPA

This red India Pale Ale is a seasonal release from Goose Island Beer Company of Chicago, Illinois (now owned by AB-InBev). The beer is 6.7% ABV, with 65 IBU's. It is made with Amarillo and Mt. Hood hops.

The beer pours copper with burnt orange and ruby tints. There is about an inch of creamy, foamy off-white head. The aroma is hops, pine and dank, citrus, over roasted and toasted caramel malt. Good sparring between the hops and malt. The taste follows the aromas directly, piney and citrus hops bouncing up and down off solid, rich, toasted caramel malt. It has a nice, refreshing carbonation. The bitterness is moderate, tempered by the sweetness of the malt. This is a very nice red IPA.